Videos Needed…

Videos Needed…

I need two quick videos done for an opt-in page…

Ideally the first video done by an average Indian Guy
and the second video done by an attractive but average
Indian Girl…

You must be able to speak both Good Clear English and Strong
Hindi… You will say the script in English and then
say the exact thing in Hindi without pausing.

Video must be done by Someone from India or South East Asian

You must video tape yourself and someone else. You don’t need
to be then be an actor just an average person. in fact
you must be an average person as I want this video to seem
realistic – maybe in your kitchen or living room.

If you’re not used to being in front of the camera then here are the

Get LOTS of lighten
stand in the middle of 2 lamps one on each side.
each one should be a meter from you so there is no
shadow on any side of your face.
do it during the day time when there a ton of natural

stand about 2 meters from the camera and its best to
do it inside (make sure the background is tasteful)

I would like 2 videos one of a guy and one of a girl
if not then then two different guys or two different girls

you must be over the age of 21… preferably between the ages
of 25 to 50… (be professional – no laughing or giggling)

once you completed the script don’t move for 3 seconds once
you’re done. Just stand there and look in the camera for 3 seconds
and then stop the video…

here is the script and easy money if you’re ok taping yourself
and a friend.

My name is_________________
As a crystel customer you will receive your first 7 days of
calling to India for FREE. Put your name, phone number
and e-mail address in the form to the left to get your FREE
offer now!

then say the same thing in hindi right after the english portion without pausing… once you complete the both english and hindi then wait for 3 seconds then turn off the video…

(in the srcipt where you say “form to the left” then gently
point to the left hand side… (this is where an e-mail opt-in form will be)

upload the videos to youtube so I can view then…
as long as lighten is good and you’re professional then we’ll have
no issues… You can where everyday clothing… no need to dress up… but no rips or messy stuff

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