Silk Road (year 1217)

Silk Road (year 1217)

Dear friends,

– asrika
– designerguru
– determined
– freezingpoint
– gurutechindia
– jeanniefreelancer
– marycoder
– pixogon
– unnimaxx

(listed alphabetically)

thank you for your interrest in my first project.

Because a very short time to manage this project it was not able to work together.

Now, here is the second one.

15 minutes Animation film (advertising + TV)

it is about the silk road (year 1217).

Near Cappadocia (Turkey) it is a caravan stop.

From outside it looks like a castle but inside it is a resting place for camel caravans + hotel + restaurant.

That’s it. Scenario is about 24 hour at this place.

Caravans are coming and going, eating, sleeping etc…

Drawings are coming from my side.

Thank you

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