Flash Voice Recording

Flash Voice Recording

I need flash application which will record voice and send it
to my streaming server(red5). Then have an option to play this voice record.

Application details:

Part First:
1. Should have 3 buttons: Start, Pause, ‘Finish & Send’.
2. On finish the application should write/send(?) a flv(other? suggest) to server.
3. File name should be created depend on cookies.
4. On Start button hit the counter with minutes and seconds should appear.
5. Have a limit on number of minutes/seconds allowed to record.

Part Second:
1. I need to have a flash button which will play recorded files.
2. I need an option to send parameters to that ‘button’ with file name which should be played.

Also I need some recommendation on how to configure red5 server which
I already installed.

I need only flash/actionscript. All other parts will be controlled
by PHP which will be done by me.

Also I need full source code – I mean fla file and maybe red5 handler(if needed) so I can easy change red5 URL, cookie name, etc..

I have a sample code.. possibly you need to modify it a bit.

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