Musicians Wanted

Musicians Wanted

I have a music website launching in about a month that has a video help section. This website is unlike anything out there now – totally fresh idea.

So I need musicians to upload video tutorials. It can be about any instrument or style of music – anything to do with music that you think you have to teach.

Examples can be found on sites like ehow and youtube – things like this –

The videos must contain an intro to me site – just the person doing the teaching saying “Welcome to (my website name).” The videos must be between 2 and 5 minutes long. The video must have a narrow topic – not EVERYTHING ABOUT GUITAR. More like, How to create a G Chord is better – small things.

NO graphics. Just you and your instrument and what you have to teach.

Once of the best things is at the end of your video you can plug your band, website – whatever you want – verbally. Again, no graphics.

There are other bonuses to making these videos, like free credits to use on my website, which comes in handy if you’re a musician.

So let me know what you think you would want for 5 videos – what the subject matter would be – and a little background on yourself.

Again, I’m not looking for professional videos. I want them to be intimage, but have something good to teach.


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