Flash Gallery Website

Flash Gallery Website

I have posted this website before and we have not found a suitable competent programmer. So I am reposting this project. Please bid with the following info (1) Time you will need to finish this project (2) Your price (3) Special concerns and questions. Only programmers with Flash expertise need apply! Do not email us all the URLs of your site – only related (similar) to this project below!


I need a website designed entirely in Flash. Currently we have the website designed with an extended multimedia Flash intro and the rest of the website is HTML/CSS. You can say the current website is 50% Flash, 50% HTML/CSS.

I want someone who we can team up with. We will be the lead designer on the project. This website is ready and operational but the client has changed their mind and wants a full flash website for which we need to team up with someone off this website. The current Flash is an audio-visual slideshow followed by a normal HTML website. The HTML website includes photo galleries, event calendar, an about us section, some videos and location map. The end-result website should allow the site-owner to add, edit or archive events, photo galleries, etc.

What is required is a strong Flash designer with good taste and experience with upscale website portfolio. You will be responsible for taking the existing front half of the website in Flash and making an equally high quality Flash design for the HTML component. You should know how to manage calendar events in Flash, design high quality Flash video and photo galleries. You will get very detailed direction and samples of websites which we have in mind for the client. You will emulate them, not copy them, per se.

Programmers/designers without extensive Flash portfolio need not bid or apply. Also, this project will require a very good strong communication skills in English. We will be spending a lot of time with you via Skype or other video chat client or on the phone. Be ready for a lot of interaction and brainstorming. If you are timid about communications or afraid to pick up the phone and discuss issues, do not bid.

Ability to complete the project on time is paramount and above all is the quality of work. Project will be treated confidential and you must agree to sign a confidentiality agreement and be loyal enough to not circumvent us. Strong relationship opportunity for more work coming your way in the future.

We are located on the West Coast of Canada and follow Pacific Standard time, so if you are located in Asia – beware that all meetings and face to face online communication might occur at odd hours depending on your time zone.

Again, only serious Flash experts required only. No novices, newbies or amateurs need apply. Initial retainer will be paid but most payment will only be done after the satisfactory completion of the project. Escrows welcome.

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