Copy Paste Yellowpages 400 000

Copy Paste Yellowpages 400 000

We are IT firm providing databases in form of offline yellow pages provider to clients

The Data will be Company name and city name
You have to find the details on net from online
and put in following format
1) SrNo
2) Company Name
3) Address
4) Website
5) Phone No
6) Email 1
7) Email 2
8) City – eg:Boston
9) Industry – eg: Steel

Alternatively I give you Domain and City .You need to find as many companies in that domain and report in the above format
Fashion, Milan
Automonbile, Berlin
Mobile, Schenzen
and so on

We Publish 70 Yellow Pages, ech with approx 400 000entries
a) Steel 2010-2011
b) Auto Ancilliary – 2010 -2011

Tell me your best quote in term of a) time b) the cost per thousand
1000 records = Time = Cost


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