Update Data Entry Form

Update Data Entry Form

I’m looking for someone that can help me as I’m in a jam trying figure out how to create a few pages with in asp.net using vb. I have created a data entry page that uses a stored procedure to insert data into my database. I’m now looking for a way that I can edit the items within the database on it’s own entry page (no gridview, client thinks it’s ugly). I have included two images. First image show a list of selectable names from a database query and the second shows an update user page. I can’t figure out how to code it so that the form is filled with the correct data and then modified with the updated data.

The project is to create the pages required to show me how to make the forms. You can create a sample database that has two tables. One table with the same columns as modify_user.jpg (user information) and the other table with a set of company names for the drop down, also in modify_user.jpg. I’m figuring this is basically three pages (user list page, modify user page and code behind page plus a stored procedure. Please comment out the sections so that I understand and for future reference.

If more information is required, please let me know so that I can better explain or show more examples.

Thanks for looking.


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