Excel Work / Data Entry

Excel Work / Data Entry

Hello, I have an Excel 2007 file with all contact record data in one column and we need a new Excel file created with the contact record data transformed into columns as follows:

Address Line 1
Address Line 2

The data file is approximately 93,600 lines long. I have attached a sample of the data file and a sample of the final output file that I want you to create for me. Some cleanup of the data will be necessary. The contacts are grouped by city in the data file, and because the city name is not included in each contact record, it must be input or copied into each contact record from above each group. Also, a few of the company names in contact records appear on two lines and must be combined into one field in your final file.

This is an easy project for someone that has good Excel skills. We expect that the data be kept private and you will be legally bound by non disclosure rules. Fake information has been randomly inserted into the data to assure no breach of this requirement. Only those with a high volume of excellent feedback should bid on this project. Quick completion required.

A quality control check will be conducted on the first 500 records and you will be required to submit a file for my review, and you will be allowed to proceed with the project only after my approval. A final quality control check will be conducted.

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