Copy And Paste 215 Description

Copy And Paste 215 Description

We have minor edits to do to an xml document. This is a simple cut and paste data entry project. You will need to use notepad for this project. We will send you the necessary files needed for this project

You need to be accurate and give us a list of any problems you had so we can check them.

You must use Yahoo IM OR Skype Chat for immediate communications.

This project includes:

1. Exchange Yahoo or Skype Chat info and time zone info.

2. Review the list of edits.

3. Ask any questions you have by IM or Skype Chat.

4. Make the edits to ONE record, and IM or Skype Chat us as soon as you are done so we can check it.

5. Make the edits to the rest of the document, CHECK IT CAREFULLY AGAINST THE ORIGINAL TEXT RECEIVED, and deliver it by email when it is done.

6. We will check your work and see if you missed anything in your check of the pages. We do pay bonuses for work that is correct the first time! If you missed anything we need you to correct it quickly.

THIS PROJECT IS READY TO START NOW. Please do not bid if you cannot start immediately.

Please post a PMB if you have any questions! See our reviews for excellent communications, fast payment.

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