Hi5 Friend Adder + More

Hi5 Friend Adder + More

Problem: My company wants to promote in hi5 but it’s hard to add people for publicity (too much time lost) and it’s an hassle to send profile comments or messages.

Idea: Hi5 has a search functionalities for profiles: http://hi5.com/friend/processBrowseSearch.do

Solution: I want you to do a script/application that:

– Search and list people with certain parameters like age, country, city, etc (all parameters that hi5 can have).

– Be able to add (send friend requests) massive number of profiles in function of those parameters.

– The profiles already added shouldn’t appear in the search. The organization is fulcral here. Also it should have options to easy manage people that didn’t accepted the invitation yet.

– We’re talking about around 1 million (or more) of profiles in total. You need to analyze the hi5 plataform so you can know how much people can be added per minute/hour/day so hi5 don’t close mine account for spam. This part is very important so you can maximize everything. You should be very experienced with the hi5 spam system.

– Be able to send personal messages (one by one not group messages so it won’t go to “others folder” or to spam, but you need to know this kind of things by yourself). If possible the messages should have html so they can look better.
This message should be writed in the application and with preview option. It should have a list of people already sended so it won’t send two times, and the private profiles should be marked has “can’t send” and should be easy to resend again when they accept the hi5 friend request. So the program should automatically detect the privacy options of the users.

– The software should do exactly like personal messages but to profile and image comments (basilcally use all hi5 functionalities massivly) the program should detect everything.

– Like in the personal messages, for everything the program should detect user privacy setting like private gallerys and private profiles and blocked messages and manage that so he can delay message sending and profile comments.

– The script should be capable of working with large number of profiles ( hi5’s to add ) and very fast. You should be familiar with the hi5 system, so you know they have a comment limit per time, adding user maximum so you can optimize the speed of the program without beiing banned from hi5.

– If possible: Be able to promote more than one hi5 account at the same time. Also easy to duplicate an account if it’s banned (i’m assuming that you know the hi5 spam system and the account won’t be banned).

– Like you see the organization is the most important thing, everything should be in tables or in a way very intuitive to distinguish from sended requests, not able to send and resend, and everything else.

– Basically and new plataform that would simulate hi5 but massivly for publicity. Also it should work in multi-plataform (maybe online protected with login will be the best option).

– Good bidding and i’m here to listen to your ideas. Please only quote or bid if you have readed through the entire project!

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