Simple Data Entry

Simple Data Entry

I have good project it is very simple and very high budget. please read below details about project.

1. I have one account in I wanna 150 active referral account. how to make referral in account please flow step by step.

a.You can change your ip and make 150 account first .

b.choose libertyreserve account in paymnet option i will give you lr account no.

c.Please click every ad every account every day.(in,get paid to sign up offer)

d.You must make 0.20$every clockpay account.

e. Send me user name and passwords
f. i will give you per clickpay account $1(when you reach 0.20$ every account)

2.I have one account in i need 10 account in jillsclickcorner,com. please read below about this project.

a.You must make only one account per ip . Please don’t try to login other jillsclickcorner account same ip because both account be suspended instantly.

b.Every jillsclickcorner account have $100 get paid to offer so you must make $2 every account.

c.I will give you $5 every account (when you reach $2 every account)

d.collect all user name and passwords send me.

e. Please choose libertyreserve in payment option . i will give u lr account no.

This project is only for serious bider only. Do not bid if you can not work. when you finsih project i will send you payments via paypal .So don not ask payments before work.I mean when i will get good result and then only.

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