Edit 2 Documents And Crop 1 Image

1) First, need to put Images on a map.

2) Second, need to highlight the outline of a property.

3) Crop image.

See details below.

Will put money in escrow… Needed right away!

***Preferred, Programmer who will get this job will complete the work shown below and provide sample edited maps on Scriptlance***
This way I can see the work, accept the job, give a good review and release the escrow to the programmer right away, FAST MONEY!!!

9 Images need to be inserted on the “Neighborhood Map”. See details below and attached.

Attachment 1: Shows the Images that need to be inserted on the “Neighborhood Map”.

Attachment 2: Shows the “Neighborhood Map” that needs the images.

Attachment 3: “Neighborhood Map” that shows the location where the images need to go.

See “Satellite Map” details below and attached.

Attachment 4: Sample highlighted outline of the “Satellite Map”, how it needs to be done.

Attachment 5: “Satellite Map” to be edited, like attachment 4 sample.

Attachment 6: Shows where the highlighted lines need to go on attachment 5.

Attachment 7: Only Need to crop image, Remove Green Banner on bottom of the page. And rotate image clockwise once.

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