Fix The Links And Errors On My Page

All of thesse changes need to be made please make them And tell me how much does it cost to make the changes.

1. Front page: Image slider: 1st one works, 2nd one leads to page not found, 3rd one does nothing when clicked on

2. On the “Club Trips” page, there is a text above the image with “PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION” – remove it, you don’t want to show this to your customers

3. “Club Trips” => “Salsa Party” leads to page not found, as well as “Nurnburg Club Night”

4. “Club Trips” => “Contact us” leads to page not found

5. Page “Destinations” is broken in layout, the same with “Trip ideas” and “Local events”

6. In general, check broken links on all pages, as it is annoying and generates mistrust in your customers


1. On the front page, make the map with the country names clickable. The image suggests you can click on the names, but you can only click on the list below. Would be a nice feature.

2. On the front page, under “Today’s Top Deals”, you should place a link there. The text “Lloret de Mar 199 euro for Labor Day Weekend.” can not be clicked. Also you should stay with the same currency, either EUR or US-Dollar (here it is “euro”, further down it is “$”) – this might confuse visitors.

3. A similar problem is under “So many places to Go so little time to see. Thats why we offer Express trips”, where there are prices and destinations, but no links to your offers.

4. Front page: “Explore Trip Ideas” – link to information pages, no links present here.

5. Front page: “SamyTravel’s Ultimate Travel Guide” (image on the right hand side) – link to information pages, no links present here.

6. Front page: “Travel Talk Forums” – no link to the forum here

7. At the bottom, there is a text showing “Copyright © 2010 Samy Travel,”: remove comma at end, place links to disclaimer, contact and legal disclosure agreement (a standard text should work out). People cannot see who is the person/company behind SamyTravel. You need to built confidence in your offers, by showing a business address, contact information, CEO or personal info as well as conditions for booking through your site, e.g. cancellation rules etc. This is very(!) important.

6. “Club Trips” => “How to pay”: not enough explanation. Write in more detail, link to Paypal for them to explain how it works.

7. Place a large (may be green, well designed) button with “Sign up here” or something similar on all pages where customers can get directly to booking.

In general, to sum it up, two golden rules for e-commerce sites:

1. Place a link for booking at EVERY location where there is a clear offer to your customer – do not let him search for a link!

2. The less amount of clicks a visitor needs to buy your product, the more you will sell. Many clicks = less sales, few clicks = more sales.

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