Membership Software Internal Server Error – Experienced Only

Please…Experienced coders only – Need to run the script in a live environment. The script is installed and works for the most part until a member attempts to download a file from an encrypted link. The software is JV Manager…Will do escrow..

**** is blocked out information I added, and the message is longer than that..

The error is:

[/home/*******/public_html/cgi-bin]# perl lyre.cgi
FATAL: (ATK::tools::upload) Undefined document root
1: /home/******/public_html/cgi-bin/JVM/MINIMA.jvm-clone/modules/ATK/tools/ Minima::Object::fatal
2: /home/******/public_html/cgi-bin/JVM/sys-jvm/modules/JVM/ (eval)

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