Php Code Writer – Editing Custom Code & Sobi2 J 1.5

Please write to Carl Henry & Quote Ref:futurcyb12f1

The job is to refine PHP code on a project which is 90% complete – the key PHP coding skills required are;

– To control auction bids to stop two people bidding on the same price.
– To create options for people selling items to accept prices at 10%, 20% & 30% below their lowest price.
– To create a choice before & after bids are received to let the price drop but to be stopped by pressing a “panic button”
– to ensure that all actions & bids are effected in real time for all users of the website.
– To refine the existing control panel (which shows all bids made, progress of bids & prices andthe ability to update/control existing bids) possibly with ajax to make it colapsable.

I would like to receive initial expressions of interest and confirmation that you are prepared to sign an non-disclosure non-circumvention agreement prior to receiving full information and access to the development website.

Best wishes,
Carl Henry

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