Online Lead Generators Required For Property Niche

Looking for online lead generators for my property business.

We run a property business where we are looking for property sellers who need to sell their homes quickly at a discount. There are a number of reasons why someone may want to sell their home quickly (e.g financial difficulties etc). We are based in the UK, and as such looking for leads in England.

We are proposing a pay per lead/results based project.
We convert the leads into Deals. Looking to diversify my lead generation process. Some of the leads will be sold on and the average price for a lead is 100USD. Looking for Leads nationally across the UK. I will keep the leads that interest me and sell the rest. For the leads i keep you will get a bonus payment. Basically whatever way we can monetise the lead, we will give you a share. Good leads are worth potentially thousands of pounds to my business and you will get a share of this.

For the leads that are sold…you can keep 65% of the funds minus the advertising costs. Minimise the cost per click so that maximises your profits.

This project does require knowledge of keywords.

This is a really easy project for someone who knows what they are doing.
Regular income potential. You can setup your own systems to generate the leads. Adwords ideally is not the preferred option.

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