Homepage Design With Psd Or Css

If you cannot do this job, please do not bid on it. I am not looking for rookies or inexperience designers. I need a professional who can impress me and my visitors. I will need to see your sample work when you bid on this project because I will verify your work and skills before accepting the winner bidder. So please don’t waste your time copying someone else’s’ work because I will find out.

Now, here is the project. I need a great frontpage design for my site. I will give you the background image, but I need a designer that can interpret my concept with EXCELLENT creatively. This is a simple job because I have layout the page exactly as I want it. Your job is to simply take the idea and the image I have and do the job well. Your finished product MUST impress anyone visiting my site.

1. The design MUST have transparent boxes and or transparent text because sometimes. I might change the background image.
2. Put a COLORFUL music player icon in the lower left hand corner.
3. The menus MUST be creatively better than the sample file attached.
4. The logo MUST look like it is floating over the page
5. Draw the world map in the lower right hand corner of the site with a colorful highlight
6. The page must be design to fit on a standard screen dimension without the user being force to see the full page (except the footer)
7. Do a cross reference on all major browsers to make sure the design fits perfectly in any browser.

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