Basic Iphone App

Here’s the idea… I need an iPhone app created that will take a map and let users rate different areas. When they pull up the app, it’ll use the GPS to figure out where they are and it’ll show them (color coated) different bad areas around them such as areas with lots of gangs or homeless people. There will also be an option for them to rate the area they are in. Nothing too complex. App will cost $.99 in the app store. Any questions, please ask. Need this done ASAP. Also, Here’s my horrible looking mockup. On the Rate screen. If they click the arrow button up top, it’ll locate where they are. They can rate the bums in the area from 0-5 and rate the gangs in the are 0-5. Bums are yellow. Gangs are red. 0 = no color. 5 = darkest. It will create a 50 yard circle around that area with the rating they chose. Ratings expire after 30 days. The map icon leads to a map that just shows all ratings in that area, with the color coated circles. The rate icon shows no color and just allows them to rate the area they are in. I want everything to look very smooth and professional. It sounds like a joke of an app but I actually mean it to be very serious.

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