Simple Oscommerce Work

I have a simple oscommerce task I need done. It should only take you a few hours to complete. I’d do it but I have no time today and the work is due tomorrow. So you need to get this done in 1 day, again it will only take you a few hours.

I’m willing to pay $40-50 for this work.

I have beauty supply site I’m working on. Most of the pages are in for the site.

What you will be doing is adding 3 sections to lips, and a total of 7 categories.

These aren’t the categories you will be adding but an example would be for Under Eyes you have 3 SECTIONS (contacts, glasses, goggles).

Then say contacts has 3 subCATEGORIES say contact lenses, contacts, contact solution
And say glasses has 4 subCATEGORIES say frames, cases, repair kits, glass cleaner.

So that’s all you will be doing, but for another section of the site. I will provide you all the images you will use.

You may have to put in the products for those 7 subCATEGORIES. But they only have like 30 products total for all of those subCATEGORIES (3-6 products for each subcatgory). So that will only take you 10-15 minutes to do if you are even going to have to put the products in at all.

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