Exact Mimic Of Page

UI Design Posting

I need a mimic of an existing UI, please signup for a free account for BaseCamp at 37signals*com

I need An exact replica of this UI Design, specifically the Project page when a project exists.

I need all the same tabs and style exactly. The body section with the left side that is the white section also needs to be able to stretch with the length of text that is inputed into the field.

The design should mimic exactly like the pages 100% width and all proportions.

I do not want a direct code rip, but a rewritten sustainable XHTML and CSS design. The tabs need to have te same functionality such as focusing depending on the page (only one page needs to done – just have the tabs focus per page so 2 pages is fine of the same design.

I need to emphasize that the final product needs to be identical, I have recieved too many half done designs in the past. 

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