Programming Project 1281536653

Can you please help to build a banner, 8 services icons, 4 advertising icons, and flash web part as a main body of the web “for Share Point?

Please check the attachment to see an example of the requirements:

The highlighted parts are the only things that can be modified and other parts are fixed, but we can change the color.

Please follow with the attached image:

1.The banner should 350 X 150 max and should reflect the something related to IT as shown, the end of the banner from the right side should have an ending not a cut

2.The flash part should have the 8 services with some creativities the size 800

3.The services icons should reflect their names

4.The advertising problem: “How To”, “Report Problem”, “Spotlight”, and “IT safety” the last to icons Spotlight and IT safety I need the ability to edit the text because they are changeable.

I need more professional items to reflect an IT catalog image!, Please contact me for more detail

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