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The CMS client must be custom built with PHP/Ajax/Web 2.0 and built for my requirements below

Ticket Database:
The website i want creating will have a searchable database, that users can search via UK Towns/Citys/Postal Codes identical to 

Facebook Connect:

This is very important to my site as this is how i require all users to log in and take information from the users Facebook page for example the users location to show upcoming gigs and festivals in their area, email address for marketing purposes and the users Facebook profile picture and information to instantly create a profile on my site when they first connect with Facebook.

I also require users to have the option to add gigs and music festivals (events) to my site… i basically require my site to have ALL the features of, please login with Facebook at and take an in depth look as what you can do as a user as i want my site to have the identical features you can do on

I would like a custom blog building for my website that i can update from the backend of my site with tag (explained below) 

News on my website is a major way to get users returning to my website, i need to be able to update my news page from the back office area of my site, i also need to be able to tag bands, gigs, venues and festivals in my news storys so users can click the tagged event and it will take them to the page of the band, gig, festival etc.

I want the users to be able to upload reviews with the use of tags, and the option for myself to add users from the back office.

Ticket sales:
I don’t require an online ticket sales service but i do require a way to offer tickets for my sale via my site with affilate links that users can click on and purchase tickets via the searchable tickets database.

Shop: I require an online shop to be built and incorporated into my site and site design, i would like the shop to have the options of the payment gateways Google Checkout and PayPal and with controllable stock levels from the back office.

I require the forum to be custom built or with an opensouce forum board that is incorporated into my site design, if you choose to use opensouce i don’t want the forum to have any powered by links displayed on the board, the forum must also log people in / register them with the Facebook Connect option.

Social networking:
I require my site to have the same features as, users on the site can rate past events, upload photos, videos and select if they are attending or not and this also shows up in their Facebook feed. 

Please visit and connect with Facebook and have a play around with the website as i require the same features on my site.

Mailing List:
I want the option to send out HTML emails to my users with a mailing list and the option for users to subscribe or unsubscribe. The use of a WYSIWYG would be ideal from the back office to format my emails

Site Design:
I would like the site layout to be the same as as i like the way it has incorporated the site adverts but with the graphical style of, i also like the way the background image of is a clickable advert i require this too, i would also like the top right hand corner of the website to display a page turn advert that would display a ramdom advert that i could control via the back office of the site.

I also require the design of a logo and the branding of my company/website

As explained above i want to incorporate adverts on my website and i would like to do this from the back office, i will be using google ads as my primary advert provider but i would also like the option to upload animated and flash banners via the back office and a control on the impressions and a counter of how many impressions each banner has made and how many clicks it has received.

I require the website to be designed/built with Search engine optimisation as a major factor. i also require clean urls for example no / .html  or .php at the end of the urls.

Browser Compatibility:
The website bust be built in XHTML and work on all browsers and computers, for example Mac, Windows and Linux 

I understand that my project is going to be very time consuming and due to my budget i am willing to allow for up to 3 months for completion from the start date, so the creator can work on other projects as well as mine.

I would also like to be emailed every/couple of days with the progress of my website every step of the way from the design ideas up to the completion of the site and it been uploaded to my server.

I do understand that my budget is not great for the size of my project but i can promise you by taking on my project and designing/building the site to my requirements listed above you will be securing yourself future work with my website/company as this is just phrase one of my site and i have lots of plans to expand in the future.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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