Interspire Shopping Cart Design Touch Up And 1 New Feature

Task 1

I need a web designer to help me integrate some design changes into interspire shopping cart + create some instruction guide images (I will show you where you need to copy the whole concept)

The previous guy doing this design, touch up half way then missing in action. Letting the whole project delay.

Anyway, now back to topic.

The interspire shopping cart css files are well defined. If you are an expert in design, this task is definitely easy for you.

If you have skills in joomla, or other shopping cart before, then it will be quite easy for you.

PM me to get full documented details.

Task 2


Edit product there, I need it to checkbox to turn it on and off, at the same time can select value from drop down.

Drop down value will be:

purpose: to show the pair wording beside quantity box at add to cart button there, to avoid confusion. Some product when people add 1 to cart, it is referring to 1 piece, while some other item is referring to 1 pair.

My budget is around $80-100. (also due to this project is not hard)

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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