Flash Shirt Designer Changes 2

I have a flash app. I’m willing to pay $125-200 for this work. I need it done in 20 days or less. I usually pick some quickly. So respond to emails today.

Some changes need to be made to it.

Later you will need to implement it into the oscommerce site I have. You will get some help with my programmer doing this. Basically the person on the oscommerce end clicks on design lab after selecting their type of product (this is all on the oscommerce side and not related to you), but you will have to call up what type of product they select. Whether it be a mug, shirt, jacket etc.

After a design has been made you will need it to be saved in a database and moved back over to the cart area on the oscommerce side of the site. This will be done by you but my programmer will help you out.

Remember since you are saving items and pics you will need create a database to save them in or use the existing one for the main site.

My app is located here http://www.2kcompu(remove_this)tersolutions.com/donsflash.

Now that beginning part where you see you have 4 itemas to choose from shirt, mug, etc wont’ be there. It’s just for testing purposes.

Here are the OTHER changes I need done:

1. Be able to change and do work on the back of the shirt or product
2. Changes to the front side should be saved automatically if the person wants to move to the backside of the shirt and start making design changes there.
3. Fix Remove. It shoudl remove all items 1 by 1. So say they put in 10 designs on the front side of the shirt. Clicking remove once will remove the last item placed on the shirt. Clicking it again will remove the item placed before that. Just like undo in microsoft word.
4. Undo All should remove eveything
5. Bold, Italic, and Outlined need to work right
6. Fix the bugs in the rotate function.
7. Fix the issue that happens when you press Add/Edit text then click back on Add/Edit Graphic. It lowers the color box and is pushed up for some reason.
8. Knockout white This option will take out all instances of white in the picture and make them clear. So for example if you have a yellow smiley face you want to put on a blue tshirt. say that yellow smiley face has a white mouth and white eyes. The knockout function will remove that white in the image so it’s basically clearly and you see through to the shirt behind the yellow image. So again it’s like a yellow smiley face on a blue shirt, but the eyes and mouth will be blue as they are clear and the blue is the blue color of the shirts. Supposedly a good example of that is here http://www.techn(remove_this)ologo.com/newtl/oneClickEmbeddedView.jsp?accid=82314801783431&sku=COOLERmax&imid=&styleid=886518&techid=119738&langid=en&wo=1&ver=&verLevel2=&rnd=37
9. The image and text need to be able to skewed and almost rounded for objects like mugs
10 . SAVE/LOAD your design – Visitor should be able to save their design for later
and be able to pull it back up and apply it to another product. Allow them to stay there for 14 days.
11. You should be able to save the image in many formats, such a jpg, png, pdf, etc.
12 . Add design to cart – Clicking this should send the artwork, and the visitor, to the
cart for checkout. The art should come to us as the “Art Board” not the preview.
13. Add in dummy images (front and back) of each product for testing purposes.
14. Some text needs to be move up and centered a little.

These are all the changes I can think of that need to be made. There may be some small changes that also need to be made and the client may want some other changes made to the app when he reviews it. These likely also will be very small. By accepting the project you agree to do these changes.

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