Form Creation And Results Dislplay System.

I have a b2b trade protal. I have made arrangements with a business verification company to provide a report on members that want to show that they are actual companies and that their information is correct.

What I need is a form to send via email the required information to the verification company. The form will be filled out by registered members on my site. Before they can apply they must be logged in, pay through paypal and or maybe something like moneybookers. The data collected should have the user ID of the sender attached.

Once the report is finished the verification company will ftp the report to a directory on my server and named with the id number. They currently create the reports in pdf format. They said html may be possible if needed. I want the reports to be displayed in my template and to be printable.

Once the member has been verifed I want a small icon to appear on each of their trade lead postings, company profiles etc that indicates that they are verifed.

If the icon is clicked by an interested member they will be able to see the report if the are not a member they will be redirected to a signup page.

I am not sure but I may want these verification to expire annually but that is not critical at this point.

Please PMB me with any questions.

Also please give me some indication that you have actually read the scope of work in your response.


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