Us Writer To Write Six 500-word Articles For Womens Website

LOOKING FOR US/Canada/UK/Australia NATIVE WRITERS ONLY (NO non-English-born writers or writing groups)

PLEASE BID $30 FOR SIX 500-WORD ARTICLES ($5 EACH). We will not consider paying more until after you have written 20 articles for our website, and have consistently proven that you do not need an editor to meet our technical and editorial standards.

I am looking for several fresh new female-perspective writers for one of the top women’s websites in the world (millions of readers each month). Our BEST writers are not professional journalists, but often full-time moms with interesting personal stories and excellent writing skills. Poor grammar and/or technical writing problems, however, are a kiss of death for this job, so respond ONLY if your writing work in high school and college was always error-free, and ONLY if you are always correcting your friends grammar.

Initially, you will be paid $5 per 500 word article written on keyphrase-targeted topics that we assign, and your editor will be paid $3 to manage and edit your work. Over time, if you prove to be good at this, you could earn up to $8 per article if an editor consistently determines that an editor is not needed.

At first, you will be given assignments for which you will be paid $5 each if the editor feels that the articles are usable. After that, you will be able to select your own topics from a list of SEO-researched writing assignments made by our publisher, and you will submit your articles directly to our content management system (similar to a blog-type editor). You will not receive a byline on the article in the beginning, and we own 100% copyrights on the material once we pay you for it — you cannot republish it, but you can link to it as your work (since this is a LARGE site, there is a great deal of resume value for publishing on our site).

The minimum standards for an article are:
– The article must be 500 words long, and be based upon personal experience or internet research on the topic
– SEO-Optimize by using the target keyphrase and variations of the keyphrase several times within in the article (additional details later)
– The work must be 100% original (we will use to check it)
– Submit the initial articles via email, but later articles will be submitted on the website directly
– You must complete articles within 7 days of being assigned them

If the first six articles are acceptable, you will be given specific feedback and more detailed writing instructions.

We pay every two weeks via Paypal.

– Please provide samples of your writing, or links articles that have NOT been edited by a third party
– Tell me how many articles you would like to write per week for us
– Describe your writing experience, and what topics you most enjoy writing on
– Do NOT respond if you outsource writing to others — you MUST be the actual writer
– Do NOT respond if you are a career professional journalist and this pay seems to low to you.

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