Seo / Sef For Current Website

This listings script was built years ago. They did not do a very good job in making it easy for search engines to find the site and listings.
So I need a script that can be run maybe as a cron job that will create SEF pages and add it to the ct pages admin page.

So what i think will work and help is basically create a map or create a basic pages of each listing. The Page would be created using the companyname-address-city-state-zip.html
The page would have header with ctpages logo, the basic listing information Name, address, city,state,zip, phone, fax and the url of the full ad on example http://www. ctpages. com/listings/ listingdetails.php?businessID=19686 and the footer Powered by

All this info is avail in a mysql db.

We probably should create folders for each category and create pages into those folders based on category?
Modify sscripto be sef and seo compliant.
Create internal links and external links.

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