Site Clone Required Read Information Before Bidding

Ok folks what I am after is a site clone of the following site

Please be aware I do not have the site, I have acquired the domain name etc but I do not have anything in relation to the site.

I need the following.

*** Similar Layout ***
*** 100% Fully intergraded message board ***
*** Top 25 ***
*** Image Rating from 1-10, this is over a time frame of 24hrs, the highest rate d member WILL become “Today’s Headlines” ***
*** Top Guys ***
*** Top Girls ***
*** Who’s Online ***
*** Signup Page ***
*** Some other functions ***

From what I am lead to believe this can be done in Joomla or something similar, however there is some other functions that I would require. But basically what is on the that is what I am after.

The design DOES NOT have to be a 100% mirror image, however I do what the same sort of functionality.

I do not want the follow (READ THIS!!)
***** People who will use NULLED scripts *****

Payment will be made in FULL when the site is finished. I aim to launch the site in 20 days. I will NOT release payment until I am happy with the site.

Please do not bid if you are going to go over $550

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