Amazon Api Hosted Bucket Curre

Need a program script to push/fetch utilizing the Amazon API. Our website will be the store using virtual hosted buckets connected to Amazon. We have a customer specific currency converter that needs to be applied for all pricing, browsing and purchasing.

The solution must be able to fetch them, to create a shopping cart site, but also fetch single products for clicking and redirecting to Amazon.

Comments, ratings, most popular, newest products and so on must also be implemented. These are all things that can be extracted through the API.

I do not need a design made, only a very simple dummy shell where I can test all the functions to make sure that it works as I want it too.

The code must be commented, the HTML must validate and the CSS must not be inline. The code must run smoothly and efficiently.

A mysql-database can be connected to improve functions.

I require that you have worked with the Amazon API before and can show me that work. Do not submit bids if not.

I’m certain that I’ve forgot something here so please ask me if you have any questions.

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