Finish Number Generator Program

I need a great programming expert to fix and correct the bugs, errors or mistakes of my program and finish it. It is almost complete; it only needs to fix the last errors that the last programmer did.

The program is done in Java and uses NetBeans, Swing, etc and is a number generator program based in probabilities, the big error is that it generates 14 000 000 combinations of 6/45 numbers when it should generate 8,145,060 combinations. At the moment it is not working at 100%, it got almost 25 items/exclusions. From the output I can select some type of combinations that I want to exclude, this is done item by item like for example:
a) odd and even
b) finalize the same
c)near combinations
d)quadratic progression
there’s much more items than this

The program have errors, one of the big errors the total of 6/45 combinations and the near combinations item doesn’t work.

Another error is the printing, when I want to print it doesn’t allow me to change the font size and not even select how many pages I want to print or which pages I want to print.

So your job will be:
– Fix and solve the bugs, errors and issues;
– Check if all the functions are working perfectly without any calculus errors in the final results (if it doesn’t give a different result anytime you click/use that option) you have to check all the code to see if you can find any mistake/error;
– make the program run faster if possible
– Finish the project.

I have the open source files from the last programmer and a better description of the errors and bugs then you just have to do your job.

I’ll explain this project in more detail only for those programmers that:
– will post the bids correctly,
– for those that have a good feedback
– for those ones who have a lot of experience in this field and can show me samples of it.
– for those that have similar Java complex projects in the past

Show me your portfolio with some great projects that you’ve made before in order to evaluate your capacity and skills for this project.

Please read before bid this project

1- Understand that I have a dead line for this project, so, if during the time that you are fixing the problem I’m not satisfied with the results I will end the contract with you asap.

2- Make sure you know if you can make and complete this project, if you can’t do it I will have the enough reason to cancel the contract with you and you can’t charge me anything because you didn’t do your work, you’ve failed your responsibility and word with me. Otherwise you could trick me pretending that you tried hard and did a lot and charge me a value when you really didn’t finish the job. Can you imagine how many situations like this I had? Because while I’m waiting for you to finish the job I’m not trying another one, so if you fail I lost money and time and I have to start from the beginning again. No job done no money. I need a serious and honest programmer so we don’t get any problem or trouble in the future.

3- I Need a 100% quality work and expert because this program can not have errors of calculations, the results must be 100% correct. Other programmers have tried to do it and failed because they couldn’t do it exactly like it should be done because they wasn’t good enough to do it, if you believe that you’re a real programmer and better than them, you have to prove me that it’s true. If you’re really good accept this work and show me you efficiency.

4- Don’t bid if you’re not able to do this, otherwise it will be a waste of time for both of us, it’s better to tell me that you can’t and I wont mind I respect that because you’re being honest with me and also with yourself because you know that it’s not available for you to do it.

5- You promise that you will not show to public any info about the product.

6- You need to, while you fix it update me daily with news.

7- In a way of doing an excellent work and better understand the idea of this project, you can ask me all the questions that you really need to know.

8- Don’t bid if you’re not able to do this, otherwise it will be a waste of time for both of us.

9 – This is a project that will grow so if you keep the things very professional and efficient I’ll be interested in keep a continuous business relation with you.

10- At the end of the project you need to deliver me the source files.

11- I will only choose the programmer after you showing me your portfolio, I will only choose by your feedback on Scriptlance, you need to prove experience on this field.

12- At the end of the project you also must give me at least 2 months of technical assistance.

So, I’m inviting you to bid it if you feel interested on it or if you think that you’re the one. Thank you for your time.

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