Email Signal To Mt4 Execution


I would like to ask for a program that reads a signal from email, then it executes it on a mt4 platform.
So i need a program that checks gmail from time to time ( in every 1-2 seconds ) for new signal , and if a signal comes the program executes it.

for example:

EUR/USD Sell 1,3167 TP 1,3122 SL 1,3202

Valid from Aug, 10 04:27 UTC till Aug, 10 08:27 UTC

then the program should open a pending order to mt4 account with the given parameters.
and if necessarry cancells the order if the time is out of the given range.

It is also important that the lot should be a parameter where i can set the lot.

How mutch would such an ea cost ?

Márton István

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