Simple Ipad Application

Hi I need an application which displays 3 pages (2 of them are interactive and 1 static)


I will send you all the graphics and sounds.

Pages should scroll forward and backward by dragging the screen

There will be background music looped

1) first page
– there is static forest in the background
– there is moving forest in the foreground (left and right) – animation should be made by code
– if the user clicks on the tree (short sound will be played) in the background (see flash animation) the squirell appears (animation of the squirell will be in png files delivered by me)
– from time to time, there is bus going from left to right (animation should be made by code) (like every 30 seconds)

2) second page
– there is forest and there are 4 animations (made in png files) and only one displays at a time depends on rotation of the iPad (see flash animation)

3) third page is stiatic (nothing happens here, no interaction)

I need a possibility to add more static pages (with no interaction)

I need all the source code of the application (with some comments)

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