Fix Simple Website Redirect That Is Messed Up

This is like a 20 minute project literally. Pays $10.

I have two domains/one website. One is just a copied version of the first one that redirects when you type in the one website url and both temporary before websites get redone soon.

I used to use a service for creating landing/squeeze pages that were place on main urls for both. I know longer use the service and I called and they told me I’m not redirecting anymore.

But to my nightmare, if you type in or both go to my old services website and have some error code (SEE ATTACHED SCREEN SHOT).

When someone types in they should land on my home page ( and when someone types in it should redirect to home page.

This is what the tech for company I used to use stated we need to fix, “I see, yes please remove the direct link from the registrars field. Basically- change the domain name forwarding. You still have your custom domain forwarding to the cancelled page. Change where the domain ( forwards to.

After discussing this with our CEO, his response was the hosting company’s answer was correct but misleading. There is another way to forward a domain, and that’s what is happening.

That domain name is pointing to the hosting company’s web servers.
On that web server is a home page that has a <frameset> on it which is displaying our web code on his web page. So the answer is to change his home page on his own server
(the server the hosting company is hosting) So it’s not really
forwarding.. but it LOOKS like forwarding.”

I have website hosted with and domain registered with

Need this done ASAP!


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