Dotnetnuke Project

I need dotnetnuke work done. I’m willing to pay $200-300 for this work. It must be done in 40 days or less. I need daily udpates. Even just 1-2 sentences saying what has been done are fine, but I do need daily updates.

This project is for programming, I’ve had someone do the design. You will cut up that design (psds)and use it. You may have to move some stuff around or add in some design work, but 80% of this work is programming. Keep in mind you need to chop up the psds to make them look exactly like they look in the psd as they will on the site. You will have to do the product pages, but they will simply be an extension of the current design. It should not be too hard. You will need to do the contact page as well.

NOTE: They don’t want to use paypal at all. Just there merchant service.

Also by accepting this project you accept any addtional things they want on the site. Hopefully it will just be small things.

Requirments for this project are you must contact me each day(except Sunday) with updates and list what you did that day.

What is needed for website proposal:
An ecommerce website that will allow multiple levels of users and various checkout options by user type.
Regular shopping cart solution for general public retail customers
Payments to somehow be taken through their QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions version 10 software and
Shopping cart to allow their municiple and government clients to log in and shop the same store but receive discounted prices that are not made public.
Allow checkout with both credit card merchant solution via QuickBooks, PayPal, and the ability to produce a direct bill invoice for those special clients above not requiring immediate checkout payment.
A password protected area for multiple area sales reps to log into the store and place orders for their clients. Their orders must also be passed through QuickBooks Ent. Sol. version 10 system for tracking as well as to make shipping requests to their warehouse (already being done in their Quickbooks).

here are the “different levels” as I call it of site use that I know of:

Normal public retail ecommerce store – no login needed except for checkout – using a regular shopping cart checkout and user paying through quickbooks merchant account.
Private ecommerce store access for select buyers to buy from the same store but at discounted prices, and the discounts not viewable to public.
Same private access as #2 except cart checkout will require a pre-authorized purchase number or access key of some sort for select customers for direct billing later.
Same private access as #2 except select customers can use a payment card for cart checkout. I assume like a pre-authorized company debit card, likely just uses the same setup as the retail customers.
Sales reps need login access to the ecommerce store for creating their client’s orders in the field (same idea for using blackberry app idea). They also need either normal or priority order alert status when ordering products.
I think that’s it. When you talk to Heather she can clarify it

These levels may change so be aware of that.

Custom modular commercial ecommerce style website with shopping cart functionality and a Content Management System (CMS) which allows the client to perform simple product and content updates. FCKeditor or some other editor will be installed to allow easy customization by the client for every single aspect of the site pages.
Complete Dotnetnuke integration, customization, and debugging.
Build website to process and track orders through QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions version 10
The site will provide multiple levels of use access based on the type of user and various criteria.
The checkout options will vary by user type.
Provide password protected shopping access to designated parties to shop with discounts not made public.
Provide checkout option for those to be direct billed.
Provide checkout option to accept card payments. PayPal integration is available in this proposal also if needed.
Provide a website portal for field representatives to login and place their orders for their customers.
Website theme design and photo gallery.
Cross-browser compliant – IE7 and up, Safari 2 and up, Firefox 2 and up, Mozilla 1.4 and up, Opera 8 and u

Website custom structural design, content mapping:
Dotnetnuke Installation, migration, and setup
Content Management System:
Integration with QuickBooks Enterprise version 10
Integration with current system and backend
Initial Keyword Research:
FCKeditor or another editor
Custom website theme (appearance artwork):
24/7 Access to Website Visitor Statistics:
Search Engine Submission to Google, MSN, Bing, Yahoo!, ASK and others: While you won’t be doing the design work you will have to extend what the design is.

Considering how you are going to be limited to how dotnetnuke works. I’m not going to have the designer design the actual individual product pages. You will have to do that. My thinking is they may make a design that you can’t even program in dotneknuke. I think it will save you a lot of headaches.

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