Set Of 30 Blog Comments

I need a set of 30 different blog comments. They should be each between 100 and 105 words each. 15 comment should include the keywords “job posting” and the other 15 should include the keywords “free job posting”. They all need a title too.

I’m looking for someone to do this as cheap as possible. There are a lot of sites out there offering writing services.

I’m looking for someone who will do this for $30 or less.

Here is an example of what I want:

Finding a Job

In the world today, it can be hard to find a job. The economy is tough and jobs are not always available to you. You can use a free job posting online to help you out. This will show you several different jobs that are hiring in your area. You can then contact them to apply for the job. Sometimes you can apply right online from the comfort of your home. If you have to go in to apply for the job, find several jobs you want to apply for that day. Dress nice and go put in applications. You will find a job soon.

Here’s another example:

Summer Job

I was desperate for a job and was looking at school for a job posting. I saw a ton of advertisements for cheap text books and classes that I in no way wanted to take and then I saw it. A job posting for a lifeguard at the school pool. Needless to say, I now spend my day relaxing at the pool and flirting with the sorority girls. And I get paid to do it. I am glad I went into the school to look for a job that day. I could be serving hamburgers and asking if you want fries with that.

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