Jsp: Data Grid From Xlsx

At the moment, all our accounting and controlling is done by an Excel file with 18 tabs/sheets. These include some manual input and some automated data (macro and formula).
We want to move into a web-based solution which provides an
EDITABLE DATA GRID solution that runs in JSP/J2EE.

We know that there are some ready-to-use data grids with editing like in excel for web applications. Our solution must be JSP/Servlet based and should come from an Open Source Project.

Do not offer new inventions or development from scratch. Nobody should rewrite a data grid and its editing feature from scratch because there are perfect open sources for that already.

If you are expert of one of the editable data grids (in JSP), we look forward to your reference on this specific project(s).
Any design/programming references without an editable datagrid are NOT relevant for us, of course. No need to send portfolios!
If you are not expert in at least one of it, do NOT bid!

We’ll share the full FSD and the .xlsx file that we are asking you to implement.

User Management: No need for a backend solution on this. We can directly edit in phpMyAdmin if new users are added or removed from the priviledged list.

Import/Export: Importing and exporting from/to XLSX format with multiple sheets/tabs should come with the application.

Our designer will provide complete screendesign. It’s a common data grid with multiple tabs, editing feature and export. No gfx work.

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