Joomla Virtuemart Discount Function/ Module

My Requirements:

1) DO NOT BID if you are disorganised and cannot comment your own codes.
You must comment codes for the work you have done throughout. Since the Virtuemart core has been modified in some places, so add your comment in between codes like this: ‘Discount Function Start …. Discount Function End’

2) DO NOT BID if you are not a programmer, I would like to chat with the programmer, this is to avoid misunderstanding and complication if things are not clear.

3) DO NOT BID if you outsource work to other companies to do this project.

4) DO NOT BID if you cannot work toward deadline. You must tell me the timeframe to work on this project, meeting deadline is a must!

5) You will be working on a testing site, yet fully functional website.

Your Understanding:

You must have good understanding of Joomla CMS, Virtuemart, MySQL and PHP.

Background Understanding and Issue:

I realized that Virtuemart discount function is limited, hence this project.
When I added ‘10′ in the ‘Price Discount on default Shopper Group (in %)’ parameter for the -default- shopper group in Virtuemart Joomla backend, 10% discount applies to all products across the store, which is how it works – see attached screenshot – 10%_Discount.jpg.
However, when I looked at the frontend, I noticed that all products in the browse page and checkout page shows discounted prices already (10% OFF). This is the default discount function of Virtuemart at the moment and it is not what I want.

Unless we show Total Discounted Price at checkout or something, online customers would not tell that the prices shown in the store are being discounted, this is the issue.

Require Joomla Virtuemart Core Modification:

1) What I want is while 10% is entered in -default- shopper group in Virtuemart shopper group end, I want all prices in products (browse page) show as normal prices but when customer go to checkout page it shows total discount like this – see screenshot Total_Discount_Checkout.jpg.

2)The total discount part at checkout page must also appear in:
a)Email to customer
b)Email to admin
c)Customer login area, when viewing order history/ invoices
d)Admin area, when viewing order

3) Add 2 parameters to the shopper group form backend like this, if both check boxes are ticked, it will do 2 things:
a)Normal prices will be shown in all products (even discount has been added/ applied).
b)Also, this will show ‘Total Discount (%)’ part in checkout page, send emails, admin area and customer login area.

See attached screenshot for further explanation – Shopper_Group_Parameter.jpg

Any questions or anything you don’t understand, please don’t hesitate to ask, thanks!

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