Ms Report – Data Entry & Research

I need someone that can spend approximately
6-7 hours compiling some very specific information for me
on a Word document that I’ll provide. I’ll also
provide very specific instructions on where to get the information
etc so no having to ‘figure something out’ on your side.

I’ll be giving you remote access to a windows server
where you’ll need to use some software I have installed
to gather and organize some of this data.

Also I can post in the PMB the set of data
I’m looking to have compiled in this outline/report.

I’ll need close communication during this project.

I’m looking for someone that doesn’t mind this type
of data entry and lookup work…

You will also be asked to look up a few things directly
on Google and screen capture some stuff and add to a
MS Word document (can use openoffice – it’s fine)…

It’s helpful if you know a bit about SEO but it’s
not 100% required. Everything is pretty much spelled
out as to what I need collected and compiled and how to
get this data.

Thanks and look forward to your


PS: Will need assurance of your confidentiality with
handling and compiling this report data.

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