Ipad: Product-viewer

We need a small iPad App: A product viewer.

The App will be used by sales people on a fair (showing products to customers).

About our products:
Our products are glasses and are divided into four categories:
– Men
– Women
– Kids
– Sun

In each category we have different models, and each model exists in different colors.

For instance: We have a model called 8144. This model exists in four variants: 8144-201, 8144-208, 8144-301, 8144-320. This represents the colors (Dark red, cobol blue, sunflower yellow, ocean green).

In total we have 514 variants (divided into approx 130 models).

About the App
The app must be smooth and fashionable with “apple-like” animations. The look and feel is important.

We have very good photo material and will provide photos of every variant in full-size and thumbnail (close-up)

The main requirements
1. The app must show a start-up splash screen (the image will be provided by us).

2. The app must show the four categories by name and image (category-images will be provided by us). These categories are the like the main menu for the app, so the appearance must be nice.

3. When choosing a category, the first variant of the first model must be shown (example: 8144-201). Underneath the large picture of the variant are thumbnails of all the variants of the model. When you click/touch a thumbnail, the app will show this variant instead the first (example the large picture of 8144-201 will be replaced by 8144-301). All the small thumbnails are still shown (including the chosen).
The app must also show product number and color name (example “8144-301 Sunflower Yellow”) of the chosen variant.
When switching between the variants, there must be a nice and smooth animation (not to much – just enough to give the smooth “apple-feel”)

4. When the user swipes the images to the left, the next model will be shown. Again the first variant will be show with the large image. Underneath this, all the variants by thumbnails.

5. There should be a “Back to Categories” button when viewing the models. This button will take the user back to the category menu (see no 2)

6. There should also be a “Show all” button when viewing the models. This button will show a page with thumbnails of all models (the first variant) in the category. On this page the user can click/touch a model, and the user will be taken directly to this model (to avoid swiping through all the models if the user knows what model he wants to view).

Of course: More information is available – but I hope the above is enought to give a bid.

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