Mini Classifieds Script

I am looking for a script where users can go to my website and post items on the website.
1. User registers on the website (Admin must have area where he can view all users as well, also edit/delete)
2. Once his account is activated via email verification, he can start loading items to the website. (Admin must be able to create categories and sub-categories. He must also be able to view/edit/delete postings)
3. Inside the listing the user can give a title, description and upload up to 3 images for the item, no moderation needed, once saved, they are shown on site. All ads will only be valid for 30 days of posting.
4. People viewing oitems will then see a small thumbnail with all items in this category, and when they click one, the full desction and 3 images are shown. Images must work with lightbox.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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