Flash Template Help Now Please

I have a flash template as seen here http://www.templatemonster.com/website-templates/18527.html

I need a few things changed
1. The flash buttons need to be renamed
2. The Deluxe blue header at the top, I need
that blue box made approx 200% bigger and obviously
change the text
3. I need to send you the pics to change the photos
that change on the side when you click full screen
4. Add a link to each of those images, so if people
click them and bring the picture up to full screen
that pic will have a link to go back to the home page
(ie restart animation active link)
5. I want you to change the audio that plays when the
home page loads and make it NOT loop but just play

Please be available to do this immediately and
send back to me.. payment in escrow on SL ONLY
and released only on satisfactory completion.

May have one or two very small other adjustments
as we complete the above and I look it over but
this is most of the work involved.

Definitely want to work with whoever helps me do this well
and right away again!!



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