Custom Flash Development

Overall flash functionality:

1. Design a square cube which loads the 6 sides (images) from a designated web folder

2. The cube will be clickable, and once clicked it will take you to a URL (only one URL regardless of which side of the cube you click)

3. The cube will rotate, following the mouse pointer (both vertically and horizontally)

Flash file 1:

Cube falls down from top of screen into the center of the screen (gravity effect). The images are scrambled like on a rubik’s cube. The cube will solve itself in 4-5 steps. Once solved, it will rotate depending on the mouse pointer. The cube is clickable, and it will take the visitor to the home page of the website. Once the cube has solved and it’s spinning, there should be a welcome message under it. (Also clickable and taking visitor to front page.)

References (this is for general concept of solving the cube (Rubiks), and rotation/look of the cube (TMF):

Flash file 2:

Smaller version of the above (solved) cube falls down from logo position of the website, and lands in the left module position (gravity effect). Once landed, it starts to rotate, following the mouse pointer.

The cube functionality is essentially the same as flash file 1, but without the rubik’s feature of solving itself. The cube is also smaller.



1. Flash development should not take longer than 1 week
2. Clear communications and preferable skype/msn messenger for design review or feedback
3. Provide existing examples of custom flash design (no banners please)

For reference, the cube will be used on this website:

There is a small cube in the spot right now, that’s just for reference, we are not using it.

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