Content Project

My site needs content written that is seo friendly, containing the correct keywords for the product.

The content is for greeting cards, and it is snippets of info such as

Dots in pastel hues of lime green, dark green, purple and blue race across a soft blue patterned background on this Happy Birthday card. Dotted lines of silver foil are also included. On a dark green band across the middle appears the word Happy in white and Birthday in large block style silver foil. Busy and happy, this dotted pastel birthday greeting is sure to please.

as you can see it is not much information but it is relevant to the product, and describes it in detail, and uses keywords that are correct.

I need this for about 1500 products.

so 1500 small snippets of information.

Please do not auto answer. I need for you to actually want to do this right!

I also need 25 500+ word articles relevant to the greeting card industry.


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