Design Adjustments

I am looking for a talented designer to do some adjustments to the main page of our store: http://www.c—raftsme——store/ (remove —)

Basic information:

Currently the product details are listed in 2 columns, we want to make it in 3 columns. Something needs to be done with right side bar. We are considering placing our 3 main offers (lowest price guarantee, free shipping and $200 off) in one bundle on the top. The store is based on Prestashop.

More details:

We need remove the cart sidebar entirely from that page.

Lowest price guarantee, free shipping, and $200 off need to be on the top where lowest price guarantee is; you will need to redesign these 3 items to make them look right on the top of the page. Then make a box for text below the product details list so the text will be framed. You can copy “About us” text box from; just adjust width.

Payment Methods and Comodo icon can go to the bottom of the page. For payment methods you will need to get bigger VISA and MC logos and line all payment logos horizontally.

The FTP access will not be possible. I recommend installing Prestashop on your end and work from there. There are 3-4 files (sidebar, main part, header) associated with the main page design I will tell you what files you need to use.

You will also need basic PHP understanding to write two IF statements for sidebar and header files. Since we change right sidebar for main page only you will need to write “IF the page is index.php use the following code, if the page is not index.php use the sidebar design code we have now”. You will need to write similar string for the header file.

Please mention what you are plan to do and what is included in the price. Previous work examples will be a big plus.

Auto bids like “Can be done” or “Let’s start” will not be considered.

PM if you have more question
Thanks in advance.

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