Script Mods

I need someone to mod this script Ez Fake Traffic Maker Pro.

I need:

1. Unlimited Links – Select any number of links to send view too.

2. Control your views – Ability to choose between Plays Only, Increase Channel Views Only, or Increase Both

3. Control number of views to deliver – Choose number of views to deliver to each selected video or channel

4. Random Delivery Timer – Will randomly deliver the views during these intervals selected

5. Random User Agent – Switches the program between hundreds of browser combinations increase the look of different computer users

6. Proxy Support – Routes views through worldwide free proxy ip addresses so that views dont all come from one ip address.

7. Instant Fresh Proxy Importer – Hit the button, a fresh list of verified proxies will automatically import into the program.

8. Manual Start

9. Number of Views Displayed

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