Scrap Project 2

Hello I need a entire site scrapped.

I have done the scraper before.
But the site layout changed and i can’t get hold of the previous programer.
So, i need it re-done.
I have attached the desktop app and output excel sheet for your reference.

Here is the site to scrap,

You should scrap products from the Main Categories, For example Apple Accessories.
You should scrap products from the Sub Categories, For Example Apple Accessories > Ipad
You Should scrap products from the Sub Sub Categories, For example Apple Accessories > Ipad > Audio & Speakers.

You should be also able to scrap products from New Arrivals.

Scrap New arrivals by the dates present on the site.

I need the scraping tool as a desktop App.

I will need the following Information from the products,
For example, look at this product,

– Tier Prices
– Description (HTML TAGS)

* Nice silicone cover for Apple iPad.
* Case is molded perfect-fit for Apple iPad.
* Super quality materials of silicone rubber are more hard-wearing and solid than ordinary silicone.
* Full body protection case protects your iPad from scratches, bumps, and dings.
* Slim fit won’t make your iPad bulky and clumsy.
* Unique design allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports without having to remove the skin.
* Easy to install and convenient to use.

– Short Description (HTML TAGS)

Product Details (including package):
weight:140 g
size:24.5*19*1 cm

Pack including:
1 × Soft Silicone Skin Cover/Case for Apple iPad

– Weight in KG.

– Product Images Extracted in the RESPECTIVE SKU FOLDER.
For example, all images for this product should be in a folder called, ID012W.

Lastly i will need the output in excel sheet.
Pictures saved to the local disk.

Please take a look at the attachment.
Look at the excel output.

Gallery column is impt
And, for the gallery column,
it is used to display the picture location so that my site will recognize the files and display it on the frontend.

The format is like,
/SKU NAME/PICTURE1.JPG;/SKU NAME/PICTURE2.JPG;/SKU NAME/Picture3.jpg…. It goes on to display all the images for a product.

There should be a ; in between in each picture for excel.

Scrap should be a desktop application


Please take a look at the excel sheet.

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