Article Writing / Blog Project

I am looking for article and blog writers with good understanding of SEO. This project is pretty flexible and will give you some creative freedom you might not have with others. It is possible that we may establish a long-term relationship and we are able to work with you from start to finish of this project.

This project will consist of 50 (or so) well written articles that will be posted on a new blog content website. We will work with you setting up a new account on our content development website where you will begin publishing your articles. We will work with you to achieve a professional look for your blog/article-zine. To be clear, though it’s a plus, you do not need any design experience, we are professionally trained and will be glad to take some time out of our day to make your pages look stunning.

Project Guidelines
– Articles should be unique
– Most articles should be around 450 words, some topics you cover may require 1,000 or more words, some only 200-250. This is ok.
– Articles should be keyword rich and cite specific details (names, places, things).
– Articles should be free of grammar and spelling errors.
– Article titles should be directly connected to the article and help to achieve positive SEO.
– Topics should be of your expertise.

– In general, you can choose your topic but if you begin writing about a topic, we would like to see 5 or more other articles uniquely associated to the same topic.
– Gambling, Gaming, Web Design, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Business, Ecommerce, Technology, Software, Computers, How-To’s, Home Electronics, Music Equipment and Audio Recording, Educational Resources
– You may establish yourself as a Guru or write general information about the topics you choose.

Project Budget
– We are willing to pay on your area of expertise. We may be willing to pay extra or apply bonuses for articles associating to web hosting, ecommerce, credit, gambling, health and insurance. Though we must stress that you stick to topics that you are fluent in.
– Appropriate bids may be at or around $1.00 per article to start, more as we establish a positive relationship.

When bidding, let us know your areas of expertise!

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