Quitlist- Repurposing Linkedin Data

What I need or require: Use OAuth to verify someone is a member of LinkedIn. Extract a small subset of info from their LinkedIn profile.

What I already have versus what the provider will deliver:
This is a new website.

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking: LinkedIn API experience. Database programming experience.

Timeframe for delivery:
2 weeks.

Full description:
QuitList.com summary: When you leave a position, that generally creates a job opening to replace you. Come to QuitList to tell us that you’ve left your job. QuitList becomes a timely list of vacated roles that visitors to QuitList can use like a job board. **QuitList job posters must already be a member of LinkedIn.

QuitList.com specifications:

1.Someone visits QuitList.com with the purpose of telling QuitList that they’ve left their job (fired or quit or anywhere in between).

2.They must already be a member of LinkedIn.com.

3.They use an OAuth Authentication on QuitList.com to confirm that they are already a member of LinkedIn.com

4.QuitList then pulls in the following information from the LinkedIn profile of that visitor: Dates of most recent employment, Job Title, the Company they worked for, the Location that they worked at, the Industry and the Job Description for only that job.

4a.QuitList also pulls THE NUMBER of Recommendations that were made for only that job. Not the text of the recommendations themselves, but only the number of recommendations.

5.QuitList asks the person to confirm the details in 4) and 4a). QuitList will NOT allow people to change the information in 4) or 4a) within QuitList. That information must be exactly the same as their LinkedIn profile. All of the information in 4) and 4a) will be published and posted into a database. That database doesn’t necessarily need to be something that’s written to and managed within the site. The data could very well be temporarily pulled in and then immediately dumped outside to a third-party job board management site or third-party database management site. It would still be managed within the QuitList “wrapper”, though.

6.QuitList then asks for a “Best Contact Person or Department to apply for this role?”, and “Email address?”. BUT, for now, people will not be able to apply for jobs through QuitList. They’ll only see the info and manage that information offsite. Filling in the info in 6) should be optional. [So someone could see possibly that there’s a job listing somewhere, but will have to figure out how to apply to it, if the job poster wants to preserve some anonymity. Leads on QuitList will be of varying value, by their nature.]

7.QuitList lists the role as a job listing. The job listings should be keyword searchable, but also browsable by Industry and/or Location.

8.You don’t need to be a member of QuitList to just browse the site. In fact, there won’t be any “membership”. The only time the site knows who you are is if you OAuth authenticate.

9.If you OAuth authenticate, as either a job poster or job browser, you will be given the ability to click a “Like” button. So there should be a Like button on each job, and that’s partly (but not entirely; it should be a blended ranking approach) how they will be ranked in searches.

10.There should be a means to ban/block someone for abuse. So someone’s OAuth won’t be accepted if they abuse the site.

10a.Very important, to separate you from spammers, please write I AM REAL as the first line of your bid. I will delete all bids that do not start with this phrase. Thank you for actually reading the requirements.

11.All jobs expire within 90 days (make “90” a variable that can be changed). But, after 90 days, the original poster can come back to the site and repost the job.

12.For completion of this project, please have this up and running on a development webserver that I can access to test its functionality as described.

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