Need A Jquery Shoutbox With Picture Uplodad

On a simple one-pager I need a simple but functional jquery shoutbox to write name and message plus picture upload and picture handling.

The message should be up to 500 chars, the pictures up to 5 MB per upload. I need to see a thumb of the uploaded picture next to the message.

A set of smilies would be good, too.
So after all I need more a guestbook than a shoutbox… but with jquery function to load the next message and to click and open the uploaded pictures.

Another request is to build in a simple jquery picture gallery to browse through the uploaded pictures and get together with the bigger picture the text and the name of the poster.

Text can be stored on a txt file, or mysql, I leave this up to you.

On the attached picture you see the webpage, the rectangle area on the left will be the area where I want to see the posted messages (dont forget the ability to scroll down..)

Next to the box, we can print the thumbs of the posted pictures to browse them through…

I looking forward to your ideas!

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