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Hello, we need a WordPress plugin developed for our site http://Pingler.com

To understand the requirements, please read the specifications for the project VERY carefully. Pingler works as follows: We are a ping service and we ping by default 92 different resources. We have two levels of users: free users who get up to five free pings a day (this setting we may change from time to time) and we have the premium members who pay for different ping packages. You will be required to work ONLY on the plugins codes and to co-ordinate with our coder who will implement the plugin code to our website.

It is our objective to develop a wordpress plugin to spread the service and functionality of our website resulting in more subscribers to our service. The plugin should work for all versions of WordPress, exisitng as well as past.

Once installed the plugin automatically pings every new post – free members up to our predefined number of free pings and paying members up to the number of url pings they paid for. The plugins should check our website to see how many pings the user/member is entitled to and limit it accordingly. If maximum ping limit is reached then plugin should display a message to warn “Maximum pings reached and give the user a chance to visit our signup / upgrade area.

The plugin is installed into wordpress and if the user has already signed up at Pingler or has an account then he should enter his username / password. Once the plugin is installed, it should automatically add every new post in wordpress to our ping queue so that it is pinged. This should occur by the way of the plugin adding the link into the user’s account at pingler or simply pinging the URL of the post without adding it to the user account – we need to offer the user the option of either saving pinged urls into his account or not. The

The plugin should operate in the background and not be intrusive. If a member exceeds his ping quota, the plugin should show that he has exceeded the number of links allowed in his account <click here to upgrade> The plugin should include a link back to Pingler.com in the About section

Our Terms:
We are a serious and very professional service we will consider applications from serious and professional individuals. You will be required to co-ordinate with our coder / designer.

Payment will only be made when we have full working plugins – bug free and ready to distribute to users. You need to ensure that you test the plugins for bugs and make sure of their functionality.

We do not entertain excuses and delays. While we appreciate unforeseen circumstances, we would appreciate deliver to be on time.
Pingler will own the full rights to the code and to the plugin, you will be expected to sign an agreement to this effect.

If you wish to bid please bear in mind that we need to see previous work and you need to demonstrate that you capable and knowledgeable in designing/coding a wordpress plugin that meets our requiremnts

Thank you

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